Bruges Christmas Market

We’ve visited Bruges (or Brugge) on several occasions, we love the city, the architecture, the canals, and, well the chocolate – so we eagerly planned our trip to the Christmas Market in 2014.

Unfortunately we were disappointed… we’re sad to say that Bruges Christmas Market certainly doesn’t live up to the beauty of the location!

Firstly, it was small. Just a few rows of wooden cabins in one part of the city, and they were mostly selling cheap quality toys and gimmicks that you’d find on any market stall at any time of year.

The food stalls were all ‘fast food’ burgers and candy floss type affairs, no traditional fayre to sample (this from a city that’s famed for its chocolate and beer) The closest we saw to anything traditional was a couple of waffle stands, but they weren’t freshly made.

A skating rink had been erected, but it was lacking atmosphere. It seemed it was more of an attraction for the local teenagers than the tourists.

Fortunately, Bruges offers so many other stunning attractions, that after an hour of wandering round the market trying to make the best of it, we were able to venture off into the city to explore the other delights, namely the chocolate shops and the famous beer wall!

The photos from our trip include very few of the market, and more of the beautiful city!


Maybe we got it wrong – perhaps there was a whole other area of Christmas markets that we’d missed out on? (if that was the case, they need to consider better signage…) let us know your opinions of Bruges Christmas market on our Facebook Page, Twitter, or Instagram, and maybe you can persuade us to give it another go!


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