Brussels Christmas Market

We weren’t sure how a Christmas market was going to fit in Brussels, our only knowledge of the city was as the administrative centre of the EU and a commercial hub, so we made our trip with no expectations, but we were pleasantly surprised!

The market, or rather markets, are spread over several areas of the city which all lead from one to the other, so it’s actually much larger than it first appears to be, there’s definitely more than meets the eye!

Wooden chalet stalls line the streets selling a wide range of unique gift ideas, we discovered beautiful handcrafted wooden board games and of course all manner of chocolate creations – we were in Belgium after all!


The way that Brussels really excelled was the entertainment and attractions that were featured around the city.

A life sized nativity scene had been erected in the main square…


… and an ice rink, a giant ferris wheel, a traditional merry-go-round and an inflatable monster were set up in another section of the city!


At regular intervals ‘La Grand Place’ an incredible light show lit up the town hall and other beautiful buildings surrounding the square, as well as a giant modern Christmas tree sculpture.


And to top it all off… Santa on a Segway!


The food on offer was also second to none, German sausage, tartiflette and of course, chocolates! Not to mention the sweet gifts on offer on various stalls around the markets!

We would definitely recommend Brussels Christmas market, there’s plenty to keep the whole family occupied for at least two days, and the atmosphere is simply magical!

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