Good Glühwein Recipes

As we’ve discovered during our Christmas market visits, there’s a huge difference between a freshly made Glühwein, or mulled wine, and the pre-prepared bottled stuff that can be bought in any supermarket!

There’s nothing like a glass or two of homemade Glühwein while you’re trimming up the house (on the first of December if you’re anything like us) or on Christmas Eve when you’re settling down for the evening; as well as tasting delicious, it fills the house with a glorious festive scent, negating the need for those fake supermarket air freshners!

SAM_1515There are hundreds of recipes on the internet that vary in contents and complexity, but we’ve found the more simple, the better! So here are a couple of our favourites, that are quick and easy to make yourself during the festive season!

From Nigella Lawson’s community website – simple but effective

Direct from the Austrian tourist board! – diluted with water if you don’t want it too strong

Google’s recipe of choice from All Recipes – a tangy option with both oranges and lemons

By comparison to these, Jamie Oliver’s recipe is more complex, however we like the tip of heating the spices and sugar with half the red wine first, then adding the remaining wine towards the end and heating through, so you don’t burn off the alcohol!

If you’re hosting a Christmas celebration, you can even use your slow cooker to prepare your Glühwein; a double win as all the preparation is done in advance, and your house smells festive for the duration of your party!

If you’re not a fan of red wine, why not try mulled white wine, or even mulled cider?

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