Putting the Magic into Christmas Eve

We all love the magic of Christmas, and I’m sure everyone would agree that the peak of festive period is Christmas Eve, especially if you’ve got little people in your family!

We’ve been searching Christmas markets and browsing the net for some of the most adorable ideas for injecting some extra sparkle into the night before Christmas!

Christmas Eve Boxes


We’ve stumbled upon the Facebook Page of ‘The Festive Studio‘, a simple but beautiful range of ideas for Christmas Eve! ‘Santa’s Treat Pack’ contains reindeer food, a bottle for Santa’s drink, a personalised letter and various other treats for the big day! The individual items are also available for sale on the website.


Merry Elf’s Magical Mail

You can get a personalised letter from Merry Elf and her friend Jingle every day from the 1st of December to Christmas Eve, packed with activities, stories and games to keep your little ones amused and build the excitement up to the big day! You’ll receive a personalised version of each letter, detailing a few facts personal to your little one, which can be printed off and placed around their house every morning up until Christmas Day! You can also opt for non-personalised or PDF versions.


Magical Elf Doors

elf door

Staying with the elf theme, these cute little doors are placed against a skirting board and act as the gateway for Santa’s elves to travel to and from the North Pole!

This could be used in conjunction with the Elf on the Shelf, or the magic can be created just around the mystery of the door, no elf required!

The one pictured is by far the most festive we’ve come across, it can be found here and Amazon also stocks various elf doors many of which could be used all year round!


Muppet Christmas Carol


This was a tradition in our household long before we had little people to share it with! Every Christmas Eve, the Muppet Christmas Carol has its annual airing whilst we tuck into cheese and biscuits and other seasonal treats!


Board Games

Various 2014 544

Start a family tradition by challenging your team to a board game on Christmas Eve! Christmas markets are great places to drop on handcrafted wooden games and puzzles that make perfect family activities on the big night! The stall pictured is at Reims Christmas market.




One for the adults! Take the time to make your own Glühwein – mulled wine or mulled cider! It’s so much better than shop bought bottled drinks, and makes the house smell wonderfully festive too!

Click here for loads of mulled wine recipes!

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