Top Ten Christmas Market Foods!

One of the highlights of visiting a good Christmas market is the range of tasty food that’s on offer, cooked freshly on site!

Here is our round up of the top ten best foods we’ve sampled on our Christmas market trips!

10. Turkey Skewers


These innocent little sticks of turkey are much more tasty than they might first appear to be! They’re cooked over an open fire too, so they’re also a pretty healthy snack! Can be found at Cologne Christmas markets

9. Reibekuchen

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Another German foodstuff that is much more tasty that it might seem! This is potato fritters served with apple sauce but are great just to eat on their own too! Can be found at Cologne Christmas markets

8. Schneeballen

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These incredible confections are made of shortcrust pastry which is deep fried and then coated with various flavours. They taste as good as they look, but they’re a bit messy to eat! Can be found at Rothenburg ob der Tauber market.

7. Tartiflette


This is what we know it as, but this scrummy potato dish could be known under different names! This is onions, bacon, potatoes, a creamy sauce, and in this case topped with brie! Need we say more? Can be found at Brussels Christmas market.

6. Raclette

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Two words… Melted. Cheese. Oh man, what more can we say! Raclette is traditionally a Swiss cheese that’s popped under a grill, and the melty bit scraped off and served with potatoes and sometimes pickles. In this case, it was presented to us in a baguette (we were in France after all) but equally delicious! Can be found at selected Christmas markets around Europe (Borough Market in London also has an excellent stall) this one was sampled in Paris.

5. Mohrenkopf


These chocolate covered marshmallow mountains come in all different flavours; honey, lemon, mint, white chocolate, dark chocolate, coffee, and more! They are especially popular on the Belgian Christmas markets but can be seen all over Europe, we’ve even seen them at Exeter Christmas market. Can be found at Brussels Christmas market.

4. Nougat


We aren’t talking about rubbery little bars of cheap pink nougat that you’d buy from any Newsagents in the UK, this is real life nougat, made in massive cakes in a variety of flavours and colours! Being a speciality of France, this is the best place to track down the tastiest nougat, this was pictured at Reims Christmas market.

3. Glühwein


Ok it’s a drink, not food, but it’s got to be in a top Ten of Christmas market refreshments, yes? Mulled wine is basically sweetened, spiced, red wine and it’s delicious! Watch out for the freshly made drink, rather than stuff that’s just poured from a bottle and heated up! Can be found at all Christmas markets, the one pictured is at Valkenburg in Holland.

2. Flammkuchen or Tarte Flambée

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This delicious, pizza type food is topped with a creamy sauce, bacon and cooked on site in a wood fired oven. Nothing more to say except YUM! Can be found at Cologne Christmas market.

1. Bratwurst

Of course it’s none other than the traditional German sausage, the stalwart of any good Christmas market. Topped with yellow mustard in a soft white bread roll, it’s just what Santa ordered after a long day of Christmas market shopping! Can be found at every Christmas market, these pictured are at Salisbury. What are your favourites? Share yours with us on our Facebook Page, tag us in your Instagram photos or Tweet us!

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