Top Ten Quirky Christmas Market Gifts

Christmas markets are great places to get inspiration for unique gifts that you might not find on the high street, that are high quality and will be appreciated by your friends and family.

During our visits we’ve come across a wide range of quirky products that would make great gifts for Christmas or any occasion, so we’ve listed a few here, along with links to where you could also get similar items online, if you aren’t able to visit a market yourself in time for the next present buying season!

10. Unusual Board Games

Standard board games are an all too familiar sight during the festive season, but Christmas markets are a great place to come across more unusual game ideas, such as this 3 player chess set.

Perfect for any chess nerd but also a beautiful decorative item for the home!

This was featured at Brussels Christmas market, but can also be found on Amazon, click here to view.

9. Terracotta Garden Lanterns

These beautiful globes are lit by tea lights and make an unusual feature for any garden or outdoor space!

We’d love to see a cluster of them in a corner of our garden!

These were photographed at Rothenburg ob der Tauber Christmas Market, but we’ve also hunted down a similar thing here.

8. Cookie Cutters

… and other baking accessories. Don’t just limit these to people who love cooking, Christmas markets are great places to find really well made kitchen items that make great decoration for anywhere in the home!

These were found on a stall at the Angels Cologne Christmas Market, and there are loads of stalls selling similar items, but eBay is also a great place for finding this kind of thing. Try a search for Vintage Cookie Cutters

7. Chocolate!

You can’t go wrong with a tasty treat for Christmas, and all the better if it’s something a bit different, that you wouldn’t find in the usual high street chains!

Christmas markets are full of unique chocolate based gifts, from letters to sculptures to a variety of flavours, and more often than not made locally!

Belgian Christmas markets are obviously the prime place to be, but many small online companies offer unusual scrummy confections that will make anyone’s Christmas day! Check out these chocolate pizzas!

6. Wooden Toys

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As the parents of two toddlers, we can confirm that any gift that isn’t bought in the usual high street chain stores is a blessing, and you definitely can’t go wrong with beautifully made wooden toys!

Even if they’re not age-appropriate for the little person in question, they also work very well as decoration in the nursery or bedroom!

If you can’t make it to a Christmas market, take a look at the ranges of toys at Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks!

5. Candles!

Forget the major brands that can be found in every garden centre and DIY store in the UK, Christmas markets are a goldmine for unique, handmade candles that will light up any home!

Check out these similar kooky candles on Etsy.

4. Knitwear

Staying with the idea that Christmas markets are your opportunity to pick up handmade items from smaller producers that you wouldn’t usually come across on the high street or online, we’ve found some lovely handcrafted clothing, including this gorgeous knitted wrap that I just had to buy! It works as a scarf or a wrap in various different combinations and is lovely and cosy for chilly winter walks!

Are you feeling crafty? Why not get the needles out and knit, crochet or craft something yourself for friends this Christmas! I’d love to be given a homemade gift! Check out Wool & the Gang for loads of patterns for scarves, snoods, and anything else you might want to turn your hand to!

3. Unusual Jewellery

Christmas markets are the perfect place for small, local designers and artisans to be able to expose their products to a wider audience. This stall boasted a huge range of quirky jewellery, which we can guarantee you won’t find in any high street store!

Can you guess what it’s made from?… used Nespresso capsules! A perfect gift for the eco-concious amongst us, the coffee lovers, or anyone who loves something bizarre and unusual!

Etsy have similar items on sale.

2. A Pimped Up Bird House!

We loved these so much, we bought one ourselves! These bird houses and bird feeders are handmade meaning they’re all unique and quite beautiful!

They’re the perfect addition to any garden no matter how small, making them ideal for anyone who cares about their outside space or their feathered friends!

There’s also a good range on Etsy.

1. A Homemade Hamper!

One thing that isn’t in short supply at any Christmas market is food and drink! Take the opportunity to gather together tasty treats that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, and package them up in a unique hamper!

Sweets, chocolates, biscuits, liqueurs, champagne, beer, spices, preserves, sauces, puddings, and loads more items can be found in plentiful supply at any good Christmas market in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Cured meats and cheeses can be bought and stored, then put together your hamper at the last minute before you’re about to visit the lucky recipient!

Grab a gift basket from eBay and start building your creation!

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