Valkenburg Christmas Markets

Having never visited Holland before, we were eager to take a trip to Valkenburg Christmas markets, especially as it’s known as ‘The Christmas Town’ of the Netherlands!

It certainly lived up to expectations, not just the markets but the whole town is transformed into a winter wonderland, from the bars and restaurants to street signs and statues!

The markets themselves are situated in underground caves which date back to Roman times (so I have read – don’t quote me on that) and are simply magical!

The quality of the goods on the stalls varies, from face creams and questionable Christmas decorations, to beautiful wooden toys and handcrafted scarves and jumpers. We bought several Christmas presents during our time in Valkenburg, taking advantage of the fact that they were so unique compared to what you’d find at other Christmas markets.

The atmosphere in the markets is simply magical. Between the stalls and in the link tunnels there are hundreds of Christmas trees, festive scenes and millions of fairy lights.

In one area of the caves, a bar is set over 3 levels carved into the rock, that looks down over the general market area. Not easy to capture on camera!

The town boasts three caves, two of them containing Christmas markets and the third which hosts sand sculptures depicting the nativity story. It’s simply breathtaking and worth allowing an afternoon for a visit.

There’s also a cable car, a castle and a vast choice of restaurants and bars, meaning there are plenty of activities to keep the whole family occupied for an extended visit.

Find out more about Valkenburg Christmas market here


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